I grew up in Oakland to a sculptor father and French tour-guide mother. After attending Barnard College in NYC, I moved to Paris where I worked in photojournalism and then television journalism, where I got my first look at an editing system back in 1999.
After my first project producing an episode of 'Nova' for WBGH, I went on to write, direct, shoot and edit dozen of documentaries, feature and short films, televisions series, commercials and branded content. My work has gone to Sundance, SIFF, PBS, Showtime, A&E, and TF1. In 2005 I moved to Madagascar with my husband, where I created video content for non-profit organizations and produced a radio series for NPR.
Upon my return to Seattle 2 years later I went on to produce and edit the award-winning series "Hoarders" on A&E, work in post production in commercials and documentaries, and edit narrative feature films created by Seattle's own fantastic community of independent filmmakers, such as Lynn Shelton, Megan Griffiths, SJ Chiro and Lacey Leavitt. As a native French speaker, I strongly value the importance of bilingual education and in 2011 I co-founded the North Seattle French School, an independent French bilingual school, for which I served as an executive board member for 6 years. In 2018, my husband and I and our two children took a year to travel around the world, and I'm now settled back in Seattle. 
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